Project Scheduling

A Project Schedule is a dynamic 'road map' that guides the project team and the project to successful completion. It identifies what work needs to be completed, when and by whom; constructability issues; and key project interfaces.

Prerequisites: Basic computer knowledge, Basic project management knowledge, Passion and zeal to learn and grow


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A Project Schedule can be defined as an effective and efficient tool put to use to communicate the work that needs to be carried out by a particular resource within particular time frames or timelines allocated by the project. The progress of the project is determined as per the project schedule and how the different activities allotted get completed with the passage of time by the resources allotted to the activities and tasks.

Delivery of work on time is in close association with the project schedule. A project manager is in in-charge of the project schedule and has to conduct all the work on project scheduling. A complete project schedule alone can help the project manager to communicate the necessary effort required in terms of the cost and the resources to effectively deliver the project.

For project management, it’s essential that a project schedule is carefully drafted with all different considerations made and adopted. With the latest technologies coming into the project management scene, project schedule has turned out to be easier as the different online and desktop scheduling tools have been introduced. With them, project managers are able to track different project schedules, resource utilization, the budget fluctuations, and all the different aspect of project progress onto a single software. Updating and monitoring these inputs and outputs with regard to software is made easier and even visible to all project team members, increasing transparency and openness.

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